• About Qolight

    Professional Medical Laser Systems Manufacturer


Years medical laser experience


Selling countries/regions


Cooperative hospitals/clinics


Utility model & appearance patents


Professional R&D technicians


Qolight competitive advantage is the fully controlled and 100% in-house designing and manufacturing of laser technology.
The laser source is developed, designed, and manufactured onsite in the clean room.


Qolight is a new generation of software house. In-house software development takes the company a step ahead of the competition.
Android drives Qolight laser devices, Artificial Intelligence the future ones.


Qolight delivers the highest quality standards for its products, to satisfy the most demanding customers. Qolight has gained all international certifications, entering the most competitive markets globally.


Qolight means fast and efficient customer service.
Qolight delivers effective clinical and technical after sales support.


Qolight has mastered laser, a sensitive and complex technology.
The care and expertise devoted to every single device of Qolight makes the difference in terms of quality and duration.


Qolight customized service is designed to meet most customer requirements within permissible limits. We do not limit ourselves to providing standard products, but are flexible enough to change with the needs of our customers.


Physicists, optical and electronic engineers oversee every single production stage, to deliver the best technological and scientific standards.
Highly skilled technicians are involved throughout the production process, to ensure the highest quality standards are met.


From its very beginning Qolight has always invested in education.
Qolight cooperates with many universities and institutions to develop reliable, certified, and predictable clinical protocols and to provide high level and up-to-date education.

I have had several years experience with Qolight and we have been very satisfied with both the product and the services, I love to use the laser system because it’s easy to use, I don’t need to have too many parameters, everything has been installed and instructed by Qolight…

As an academic and researcher of laser applications in dentistry and medicine, I am happy that Qolight has developed a device with the appropriate wavelengths, intuitive software, studied protocols and high-quality manufacturing.

Being a periodontist, initially I used to do all the procedures with conventional technique (scalpel) and realized that laser is the game changer and new way of practicing dentistry.

The use of the laser guarantees targeted, non-invasive, pain-free interventions with long-term benefits. I use it particularly in the treatment of caries: filling with the is an innovative technique that allows me to treat caries in a non-invasive way, working only on the infected tissue.

I was very shocked that I could cut these tissues without even contacting them! There was no bleeding and really low power needed during the surgery, my patients’ experience is also great.

The magic of blue laser is really beyond my imagination and provides excellent healing effects to my patients! In the present era, it is always important to learn and master the dental weapons belonging to present age.