Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression – PLDD

Percutaneous laser disc decompression (PLDD) is a procedure in which herniated intervertebral discs are treated by reduction of intradiscal pressure through laser energy. This is introduced by a needle inserted into the nucleus pulpous under local anesthesia and fluoroscopic monitoring. The small volume of the nucleus vaporized results in a sharp fall of intradiscal pressure, with consequent migration of the herniation away from the nerve root. It was first developed by Dr. Daniel S.J.Choy in 1986.

Minimally Invasive Treatment for Contained Lumbar Disk Herniation

PLDD has proven to be safe and effective. lt is minimally invasive, is performed in an outpatient setting, requires no general anesthesia, results in no scarring or spinal instability, reduces rehabilitation time, is repeatable, and does not preclude open surgery should that become necessary. It is an ideal choice for patients with poor results in non-surgical treatment.

Other Conditions Can Be Treated By PLDD

PLDD is not only useful for treating sciatica. Herniated disks, radiculopathy, and spinal stenosis can also be treated with this procedure. It can be used to treat disk herniation in any vertebra except T1-T4. Treating disk herniations can also lead to a reduction in radiculopathy or radiating pain in the back’s lumbar area.

The Advantages Of The Laser Discectomy Over Conventional Surgery

  • Performed as an out patient procedure
  • Do not preclude alternative surgical options
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • Usually provide immediate relief of symptoms
  • Reduced soft tissue injury
  • No bone is sacrificed
  • No epidural fibrosis [scarring about the cord] as a result of the surgical procedure

Tissue Interaction With Qolight Laser

The 980nm wavelength offers equal absorption by blood and water, enabling efficient tissue ablation and coagulation. The the1470 nm, with higher water absorption, enables precision ablation and highly localized heating, being advantageous around critical structures. Thanks to its outstanding interaction in water and haemoglobin and moderate penetration depth into disc tissue, enables procedures to be carried out safely and accurately, especially in proximity of delicate anatomical structures. Qolight laser systems with 980nm single wavelength,1470nm single wavelength, and dual-wavelength are all available.

Clinical Advantages

  • Local anaesthesia, mini-invasive
  • Painless, non-bleeding
  • Short operation time with high security and high effectiveness
  • Rapid recovery, fewer complications
  • Can be used simultaneously for several treatments
  • Guaranteed microsurgery precision and stability

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