Dental Diode Laser
Innovative Dual Wavelengths In Dentistry
980nm + 650nm
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Medical Diode Laser
Pain Relief | Laser Surgery
650nm + 810nm + 915nm + 980nm
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Phylas™ Laser
Therapy Machine
Surgery-free | Pain-free | Drug-free
Class IV Therapy Laser
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Professional Medical Laser Systems

High-quality and affordable cost medical diode laser systems for hospitals, clinics, and doctors


Clinical treatments that Qolight medical diode laser systems are widely used in

About Us


olight Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional and dynamic company specializing in manufacturing medical diode laser systems. Different from other manufacturers, Qolight has advanced techniques, independent search, development, and manufacturing capacity from the beginning of its establishment, based on a professional and strong team with more than 20 years of experience…

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Qolight Medical Laser at FIME 2024

Qolight Medical Laser at FIME 2024

We sincerely appreciate your presence at our booth during the FIME 2024. Your interest and engagement made the event memorable.
Meet Us at FIME 2024

Qolight Invites You to FIME 2024 in Miami, USA!

We invite you to visit our booth and discover the transformative power of our advanced medical laser solutions.

Qolight Medical Laser at Arab Health 2023

A big thank you to all our visitors in Arab Health 2023 Dubai, it was a great & unforgettable event.

Welcome to Visit Arab Health 2023

Get together, win the future! See you at Z5.A05, see you in Arab Health 2023, World Trade Centre, Dubai.

Class III Vs Class IV Laser Therapy

Knowing the difference and how each will affect the type of treatment you can provide is essential when deciding on a laser therapy system.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

Laser therapies are medical treatments that use focused light. Unlike most light sources, light from a laser is tuned to specific wavelengths.